Made 2 Change the World™ Foundation seeks to equip high school students from underserved communities worldwide with the skills, strategies, and resources they need to become tomorrow’s successful entrepreneurs.

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Entrepreneurship isn’t just about starting a business.

It’s about alternative ways of thinking—innovative ideas that grow communities. It’s about critical thinking, resilience, decision-making, teamwork, leadership, and contributing to a global community. Entrepreneurship is a 21st-century skill set that creates jobs and drives growth in a sustainable and inclusive manner—yet, many young people are unaware of this skill set. This unfamiliarity has created “a global opportunity gap.” Thus, there is a need for an international coalition that introduces, inspires, educates, and guides young people along the road of entrepreneurship, helping them start their own businesses.

Made 2 Change the World™ Foundation seeks to create that coalition through a network of strategic alliances and partnerships; the creation and implementation of a robust online platform; and, ultimately, the launch of in-person Youth Centers, first nationally, then internationally.

Our five-tiered implementation strategy is to:

  1. Develop and launch a robust online learning platform, utilizing an existing infrastructure service such as Kajabi.
  2. Launch the first physical Youth Center in Nashville, Tennessee (COVID-permitting).
  3. Replicate the Youth Center model and programming in other cities, including Compton, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, New Orleans, New York City, and Washington D.C.
  4. Roll out across the U.S.
  5. Spread throughout the world.

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